Providing client-centric professional legal services at all times as guiding advisors.Providing client-centric professional legal services at all times as guiding advisors.Daylight Star—A guiding star visible during the daytime


Our website has been redesigned.

Greeting/The Firm's fundamental principle

Hokusei Law Office P.C. (“the Firm”) is a boutique law firm
focusing on financial and corporate legal services.
We endeavor to understand your values and business model.
Based on such understanding, we will act at times as a partner
in searching for direction together with our clients and as a guide
to show our clients direction.


In December 2020, we launched a new logo. This new logo is based on the theme,
“Daylight Star—A guiding star visible during the daytime.”

From ancient times, stars guide people as they travel and sail around the world. Although most people think of stars in the night sky, those stars are still there in the daytime sky. And even though they are hidden by sunlight during the day, stars are watching over us at all times.

Like a star in the sky, we at the Firm will always be there with client-centric professional services as a partner who seeks optimal solutions for your problems and as a guiding advisor.

Outline of services


Financial Law

■ Banking
When discussing the business of banking, you need practical advice you can put into action immediately. With a history of providing regular legal consultation services to financial institutions as a guide and problem solver, you can rely on the Firm’s wealth of experience in the practice of financial law.
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■ Trust
The commercial trust business is one area that the Firm has specialized in for many years, particularly consulting for financial institutions and an industry organization of trust banks and trust companies .

A wide range of trust products have been created for corporate and individual customers of trust banks, to deal with situations such as the rapidly aging society.
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Corporate Law

■ Corporate legal services
In recent years, our consultations on corporate legal services have covered various issues relating to the Companies Act and corporate governance. Some of the Firm's lawyers have experience as external auditors, etc. at listed companies and the like, and others have been seconded to securities transfer agent departments at financial institutions. This amounts to experience you can trust when seeking advice on the Companies Act, corporate governance and related issues.
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■ Contract-related legal services
The Firm has practical experience in a wide range of contract-related legal services.
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■ International legal services
We also provide advice about international trade and international disputes.
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■ Labor-related legal services
We give advice our domestic and international clients on labor-related legal affairs from the employer's perspective (including disputes) drawing on our extensive practical experience in litigations.
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■ Litigation
The Firm also has experience in handling a range of litigations representing corporations outside the financial industry.
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■ Construction and real estate
The Firm has experience in handling construction and real estate-related cases, and also advises foreign corporations and investors of foreign nationality with respect to real-estate transactions.
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Ongoing Initiatives
in the Field of Trust Law

The Hokusei Law Office provides specialized services in the field of trust law. We are aware that some of our clients continue to study the subject of trust with deep knowledge and love of the field. We also continue to study the subject of Anglo-American trust laws and practices so that we can have meaningful discussions with them.
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History of the Firm

1984 Mar : Takahashi Norikatsu Law Firm is established.
2002 Jun : The name changes to Hokusei Law Office.
2011 Sep : Norikatsu Takahashi and Naoshige Nakada establish a legal professional corporation,
Hokusei Law Office, P.C.
2020 Dec : The Firm relocates from Kojimachi to Yurakucho.