International Estate Planning and Inheritance Law

Documentation and execution of wills and testaments

The firm has been counseling a trust bank engaging in trust and estate businesses for high net worth individuals for over 30 years. We also routinely provide services with respect to wills of individual clients. For individual clients, we offer advice on how to make wills to avoid troubles after inheritance is commenced.

Increasingly, we work in matters involving international issues. We offer advice on preparation of wills: (1) for foreigners who own property in Japan; (2) for Japanese who leave bequests to foreign residents (presumptive heirs, devisees) who have difficulty communicating in Japanese; and (3) for Japanese citizens living in the U.S.

As regards cross-border cases, we provide services with respect to inheritances: (1) for Japanese who receive assets located overseas (e.g., deposit and brokerage accounts held in Hong Kong, United States or eslewhere); and (2) for foreign residents who receive assets in Japan.

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